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Grace Christian School

Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 Elementary School, Flamborough, Ontario
An amalgam of Flamborough’s Covenant Christian School and Burlington’s John Calvin Christian School opened in 2016 to service more than 90 families by teaching students from kindergarten to Grade 8. The 28,000-square-foot school, situated on the former Covenant School site on Millgrove Side Road, welcomed roughly 190 students in its inaugural year in 2016 but has the capacity for 250.
Ten classrooms, a gym, special education room, wide hallways and a bright colour scheme are nicely appointed.
This award-winning building features a separation of private rentable spaces from the Private Classroom Staff and Library Space in order to generate additional income. Separate access and playgrounds for Junior grades were also provided. As the building is within a rural community, septic systems and well water were part of the design considerations. Innovative structural systems reduced construction time considerably to between 8 to 10 months as well as maintenance costs. In addition, the mechanical, lighting systems, natural light and wall construction reduced operating costs considerably.

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